Hi-Tech Printing Solutions for Marketing

While we are all wrapped up in digital marketing, that doesn’t mean our tangible marketing has to suffer, indeed, promotional materials are as popular today as they were prior to digitalisation, and today, we have state of the art printing technology that far surpasses anything we have even seen.

Vinyl Wall Covering

Whether you would like to add a feature in-store, or cover your exhibition stand space, vinyl wall coverings can be created digitally, so there are no design limitations, with every colour imaginable, you can print something unique for your business. Finding an established vinyl shop (called ร้านทําป้ายไวนิล in Thai) is easy with a Google search, and they would be able to turn your concept into reality, plus they are very reasonably priced.

PVC Stickers

These come in all sizes from coin-size to entire walls, plus they can be stuck to any medium and will always be easily removed. The use of genuine ink ensures the product remains in great condition and whether you want to create your own design, or use the printer’s in-house design team, the choice is yours. If you have a small space in your store that doesn’t really fit with the décor, a custom designed PVC sticker could provide the solution.


Let’s not forget labels, which are an essential part of your branding and these can be designed to blend with your branding, reinforcing your brand name with customers. Labels can be used in many ways, not simply on products, but also with your product calls to action, with ‘buy now while stocks last’, ‘summer sale’ just a couple of examples. These labels can help a customer to make a commitment, especially if they are in the right location, and with a specialist printing shop, there’s nothing that you can’t create.

Presentation Packs

If part of your business involves trade shows and exhibitions, why not create a presentation pack, which would be full of various brochures, stickers and documents, and this would help the potential customer to gain a deeper understanding of why you are and what you do.

If you would like to boost your shop’s image, talk to a local printing shop, where they have the latest technology that can print a wide range of products onto many different media. You can either communicate online or pay their shop a visit and if you have a design, bring it in several formats and the experts would be happy to help.