Deploying Of Business Devices: Outsource Your Needs!

Businesses are embracing new gadgets and technologies, but deploying hundreds of devices at the same time is no easy feat. From mobiles and tablets to laptops and other personal gadgets, businesses are trying to provide more incentives to employees, so as to enhance productivity and efficiency. Managing bulk devices – right from procurement, to unpacking, configuration, and eventual repairs – can be complicated and has inherent challenges. Many companies are now outsourcing their needs to professional device deployment companies. Here’s an overview of these services.

What is a device deployment service?

True to the name, the role of a device deployment company is to deploy and configure devices for clients, typically organizations like schools and corporate firms. Most companies also offer support for selection of devices, deciding on configurations, and more importantly, repairs. Even the best devices may need repairs, and hiring a local service time and again can be an expensive affair. With device deployment companies, businesses can have a comprehensive contact for up to four years, where all repairs and replacement will be covered for. The concerned will also take care of manufacturer’s warranty details, where applicable.

Dealing with device recycling

There will be a point when devices reach the end of usable life, and mobile & laptop recycling is a job that companies cannot take for granted. Many deployment companies have their buyback programs, where they will offer cash for retired devices, so you can expect to make some money. It also ensures that products are recycled in an eco-friendly manner, so compliance is never a concern. The deployment service will buy obsolete devices for the right price, destruct the data, and dispose them as per sustainable norms.

What about the costs?

If you consider the effort and time required for initial device deployment, outsourcing totally makes sense. Most device deployment companies are experienced in the sector, so no matter the size of your order, they will ensure that the work is done in time and within a budget. Their repair and maintenance contracts are also very affordable, especially for businesses that often need to repair and replace many devices at the same time.

Final word

Considering the advantages and range of services offered by device deployment companies, it is not surprising that many businesses are opting to outsource. It also takes off the work load of the management team, who can focus on aspects and jobs that need more attention.