The Importance of High-Quality Industrial Cleaners For Your Business

In the aftermath of the recent pandemic, the importance of maintaining a high standard of hygiene is at an all-time high, whether you’re running a car parts factory or a food processing plant, your cleaning regime should form a cornerstone of your business doctrine. As part of these essential procedures, it is crucial that your cleaning staff are properly equipped with all the tools to work efficiently and keep your facility clean. Cutting corners when purchasing your cleaning supplies is not a good idea; inferior products won’t do the job as well or as quickly, meaning you’re losing out in the long run; if possible, always buy the best available industrial cleaners you can afford.

The Different Types of Cleaners

The range of tasks faced by cleaning and maintenance staff is wide-ranging and sometimes requires a specialised cleaning product to complete the job effectively. Industrial and commercial strength cleaning products fall into four main categories, which are –

  • Floor cleaners – for both manual and machine cleaning.
  • Hand cleaners – hand hygiene is now more important than ever.
  • Degreasers are high-strength, multi-surface products that cut through oil, ingrained dirt, and other difficult substances.
  • Specialised products – industrial drain cleaners and chemical paint strippers are purposely developed for a specific task.

Scientific developments in the effectiveness of industrial and commercial cleaning solutions now mean that fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly products are now available, keep this in mind when purchasing your cleaning supplies. Let’s now look at the different types of cleaners in more detail.

Cleaning Those Important Floors

Whether you’re managing a retail outlet or steel foundry, it is imperative the floors in your buildings are cleaned and maintained to a high standard. Modern hard floor cleaners are ideally water-based and non-flammable. They have a concentrated low-foaming formula that rapidly cuts through everything from foodstuffs to oil and grease. Suitable for diluting and using with a mop or automatic floor scrubber, they clean, sanitise, and leave a pleasant odour.

Handy Cleaners for All Situations

The need for effective hand cleaners is now essential in every workplace; by purchasing the correct products, you are protecting your staff and your business. Many industrial hand cleaners use petroleum distillates that are harmful to the skin and should be avoided; choose a solvent-free cleaner that uses natural soaps instead. Heavy-duty hand cleaners combined with hand wash dispensers form a formidable combination when industrial workers need to clean inks, paints, or grease from their hands. An antibacterial hand wash with an effective biocidal action is the right choice in the food industry, while dual-purpose grit wipes exist when running water isn’t available. A hypoallergenic barrier cream is your product if your workers are in contact with harmful solvents or detergents during the manufacturing process.

For Those Difficult Jobs

When machinery, parts, or other surfaces need a higher strength product, an industrial degreaser is a correct choice; eco-friendly natural citrus degreasers are superb. The powerful fast-acting formula contains surfactants that emulsify difficult and testy materials like oil or grease. If removing graffiti or unblocking a drain is the problem, then a specifically designed f product is the selection, developed to tackle their chosen situation, they are an effective solution.

It does not matter what industry you are in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness is essential; make the right choice and equip your staff with the correct cleaning supplies and allow your business to thrive.