Why Use An HR Staffing Agency For Your Next Career Move

If you are looking for a new HR position, you might want to consider using an HR staffing agency to assist you. Finding a full-time position on your own can be challenging in our current high unemployment economy. Working through an HR staffing company can give you certain advantages. Below are a few of them.

First, with a HR staffing agency, you have the chance to work for an employer on a temporary basis. Companies like to use temp staffing so they can check you out before making a commitment, but you can do the same with them. By working with a company for a few weeks or months, you can learn more about the company and determine if you may want to work there full-time in the future.

Second, many companies now hire workers on a contract basis to see if the worker is productive and a good fit for the company. There are not as many full-time workers hired off the street these days. After all, hiring a full-time employee with benefits is expensive. The company wants to see if you are a good fit for their company. This benefits you as well so you can figure out if both sides are a fit for each other.

Third, working through a staffing agency allows you to try your hand at several different companies over a few months or a year or two. You can gain experience at several different companies before you think about getting a full-time job.

Fourth, working as a temporary worker at a company gives you an insider perspective on the organization. You learn how the company culture works, who the decision makers are, and where to focus your efforts if you want to be considered for a full-time job. You also may learn about full-time openings available before they ever are posted publicly. Many companies will post jobs internally before looking outside the organization.

Fifth, by working at different companies, you can develop a variety of different skills. You can work in related but different jobs with different responsibilities and daily assignments, which can expand your skills to benefit your career later.

Last, if you are not certain what you want to do with your career, working through a staffing agency can expose you to many different jobs. After working several jobs at different companies, you will determine where your passions lie.