What is a Performance Review in the Workplace?

If you are in the process of looking for work through a recruitment agency, you should be aware of some of the conditions of any job role you take up. Performance reviews are part and parcel of many professions and you should be aware of what they are and how you can be prepared for them if you are looking to further your career. Alongside this, the best recruitment agencies understand how important it is to fully furnish job applicants with as much information as possible about not only a specific job role but also the expectations from a prospective employer, including what they will do regarding a regular performance review should they hire you.

What is a performance review?

This is where an employee is reviewed by management for their performance. It is a formal assessment that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of each person within the company, analyses the individual performance levels, provides critical feedback and sets specific individual goals for the future that will be looked at during the next performance review.

How often are performance reviews?

Traditionally, you would expect to have a performance review, one on one with your direct manager, once a year. However, there has been a change in approach in recent times where performance reviews are held on a more regular basis and undertaken in a less formal way. This newer approach is less stressful for the employee, allows greater engagement and cooperation and might be better to see real progress in real-time, as opposed to long-term annual targets that can quickly be forgotten by both parties once you get back to the grind of daily tasks.

Will a performance review help me?

When a performance review is conducted in the right way it provides clear guidance as to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, aligning personal goals with long-term company goals and provides impetus that the company does care about every member of staff and has their best interests at heart.

How can I get ready for a performance review?

Whether you think you are performing well or badly prior to your performance review, it is worth checking in advance with the person conducting the review, what they expect you to bring into the meeting with you. That way you can be fully prepared. Always have a list of questions ready and any stats and information you have to back up any points you wish to make. Remember, a good performance review works both ways and provides you the chance to ask for certain improvements if you think they will help your role.

The best recruitment agencies are those that don’t hide anything from a job applicant. This includes the expectations and realities of regular performance reviews. There could be good reason why you need to be prepared for a performance review, as it can help shape successful careers and points at a thriving company that understands how to get the best out of its employees. As a job applicant, you should be doing everything you can to learn about your potential new employer, and the best recruitment agencies will provide you with all the information you need prior to putting together a job application.