Top 13 Digital Marketing Publications That All Marketers Should Read

Digital marketing publications are considered online mediums that provide unbiased information aimed at educating them on said subject matter by exhibiting certain thought leadership when it comes to digital marketing trends.

Given how quickly the marketing field changes, it can be quite hard for marketers to keep up.

To help people keep up, digital marketers must follow the best digital marketing publications that will provide up to date information.

In that regard, here is the list of my personal top 13 digital marketing publications that all marketers should read.

1: Social Media Examiner

This free daily digital publication provides social media marketers with digital marketing and social media best practices and digital marketing tips.  We suggest you to follow Social Media Examiner on your favorite social channel, as it delivers digital marketing news on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest every day.

2: markonmag

marconmag is a free marketing magazine aimed primarily at marketing students. It publishes providing helpful information that guides them on the various types of marketing fields, navigating university courses, internships, and even exchange programs. markonmag is the go-to marketing for students who want to get a head start in their marketing careers.

 3: Writing Wildly

Writing Wildly is a Singaporean platform where you can hire freelance writers. Their team consists of a group of professional freelance writers who specialize in niches such as SaaS content writing, as well as food and travel content. They share amazing tips on content writing that everyone should refer to.

4: Moz

This digital marketing publication is a free web application that provides digital marketers with insights and analytics about their search engine rankings, links and keywords.  Moz also provides its users with actionable recommendations for improving organic traffic and click through rates which we suggest you check out before initiating any search engine optimization campaign.

5: Mashable

With its focus on emerging technologies and digital trends, Mashable is a great source of inspiration for marketers looking to stay ahead of the curve.

6: Forbes

This digital media publication offers its readers content about the ever-changing landscape of digital technology along with profiles of top influencers in the industry. As every modern marketer must know everything about what’s happening in the digital world, we suggest you visit this digital magazine on digital marketing before initiating a new digital marketing campaign.

7: Marketing Tech Blog

Focused exclusively on B2B technology companies’ adoption of digital marketing strategies by highlighting key trends in data-based decision making across industries.

8: Digiday

Another popular digital marketing news blog, Digiday covers digital marketing and digital advertising breaking news.  We suggest you follow Digiday on your favorite social channel as it delivers digital marketing news like digital advertising trends, campaign case studies, digital advertising strategy best practices tips, digital PR tips and top digital ad blogs twice a day.

9: Search Engine Roundtable

Started by Barry Schwartz, author of The Art of SEO, SER is a must-read for anyone interested in search engine optimization.

10 : Hootsuite

Since digital marketing campaigns now involve multiple digital platforms, digital marketers require digital tools that help them manage their accounts across multiple digital channels efficiently.  Here you can find digital marketing advice for establishing a solid social media presence along with case studies of successful social media marketing campaigns that you can emulate .

11 : MediaPost

This digital publication is the best place to go if you are looking for information about digital advertising trends and insights, as well as content on the latest technological advancements in digital advertising. This digital publication is the best place to look for digital marketing advice if you are planning to hire digital advertising agencies or invest in digital advertising tools.

12 : ClickZ

This digital magazine provides a 360-degree view of digital media covering topics about social media marketing , search engine optimization, paid search advertising strategies as well as mobile advertising tips which can help you improve your brand’s online presence and drive more traffic to your website from different sources.

13 : BlueGlass

This digital marketing news blog covers digital marketing tips for small businesses along with digital marketing advice for agencies which are looking to expand their digital marketing practices by focusing on mobile advertising , social media advertising, digital PR among other digital marketing tips .

So, which of these 13 digital marketing publications will you read?

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving – and keeping up with the changes can be challenging for even the most experienced marketers.

As a marketer myself, I understand that it can be very tiring to keep up with ever-evolving marketing trends.

Luckily, there are these 13 digital marketing publications can help you stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in digital marketing.

And I hope that these will be helpful to you too!