The Many Facets of a Commercial Security Company

Security is a global demand and for every business, there must be at least a basic level of security, especially during the troubles times we find ourselves in, most of which are provided by a local security provider. Aside from providing manned security at shopping malls, they also have mobile security teams that visit customer premises during the night to ensure that all is well.

Here are just some of the services offered by a leading commercial security to many business sectors across the board.

  • Factory security – Even a small factory needs to have manned security to control access and also to inspect vehicles and search employees when they leave the facility at the end of their shift. Deliveries are made at all hours and when products are packed and ready to ship, security would have to carry out an audit to ensure the consignment is complete and secure.
  • Retail security – Shopping malls require manned security, as do banks and gold shops and the commercial security company with ISO 9001 certification, the comprehensive security company (called บริษัทรักษาความปลอดภัยครบวงจร in Thai) is able to provide qualified personnel for long and short term contracts.
  • Event security – Pop concerts and sports arenas require special security for access and crowd control, along with trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Mobile Building Patrols – Some businesses only require a couple of visits during the evening and night to check that all is well and there are mobile security teams with a list of locations that they must visit within a specific timeline.
  • Condo Developments – The condo development manager would invite local security companies to quote for their security needs, which might be 2×12 hour shifts for 2-3 people. Hiring security staff can be a nightmare and most apartment building owners prefer to outsource to a local security provider.
  • Car Parking Security – When you see car park security employees, they are likely provided on a contract basis and part of their job is to assist drivers find a space, while also checking tickets and receiving payment when the driver leaves the car park.
  • Special Security – Used mainly for high value venues and the transportation and collection of large amounts of cash that is collected from retailers and taken to special security warehouses. Gold and precious gems require a high level of security and in many cases, they come from the commercial security company.

Whatever your commercial security needs, search online for a registered security company and see what they can do for your business.