Principles of Web Design

The importance of web design cannot be overstated. Your website can represent a business’s entire corporate presence. Every element on the site can make a statement about your company’s standards and taste. As well as their attention to detail. Just like television advertising, viewers know when something is DIY or created by professionals. Professional web design in Sydney or any other major market is reflected by careful attention to the principles of web design.

Simplicity: Together with balance, simplicity is the best approach to create a pleasing website experience. It is much more difficult than you might think. Clients will always want to put as much information on their site as possible. Perhaps in some industries that are more sales intensive, that approach can be effective, but the goal should always be to reduce the number of competing elements and combine them into a pleasing and balanced arrangement.

Consistency: every website has a strategy and an architecture, but as you go from page to page it is beneficial to repeat navigation cues and placements. This way your viewer does not have to waste their time figuring out the lay of the land. Pick a few fonts that complement the site and resist the urge to change them on different pages. Create your menus in a consistent manner that gives obvious choices. Make your graphic elements relate to both the product as well as the overall mood of the site.

Advertising popups and calls to action:  in a perfect world we wouldn’t have to deal with these annoyances. But each of these things has a purpose and contributes to the business. Pay attention to how these things function on another site and then avoid the things that usually detract from the experience. Second party advertising is designed elsewhere, so you can’t control its look, but you can manage the placement and the amount of attention it draws. Your advertising should seamlessly work with the rest of your design. Popups can be a real nuisance. Take every effort to consider the habits of the viewer. Having delayed popups interrupt your viewer, just as they begin to read your information is a real experience killer. Try to make calls to action as friendly and unintrusive as possible

As a web designer it is your job to present your client in the best possible manner. As well as showcasing their products and information in a logical and effective manner. Not every site is going to be a work of art, but if solid design principles are applied and the navigation is logical and painless, you will have done your job well.