Creating Advertising Signs That Stand Out: Top Tips!

Despite the current shift towards online marketing, traditional means of advertising remain in use and are relevant. No matter whether yours is a moving company, or a beer shop along the highway, you definitely need advertising signs. Done right, signage and advertising signs can change the way people see your business, and the design & initial concept matter more than anything else. In this post, we are sharing you must know about creating advertising signs.

  1. Choose the right colors

Understanding the psychology of colors is critical for creating signage. Some of the best colors for advertising signs include white, black, red, yellow, and green. Green, yellow and orange are shades that strike out, so when you want the signage to gain attention immediately, these are the colors to go for. White works as the perfect background for both minimal and contrast designs, while black is more of an unconventional choice. Work with a reliable signage company, so that your signs are in sync with your brand and business.

  1. Keep the design simple

While colors, font and design are important aspects for advertising signs, the idea is to keep things as simple and minimal as possible. As they say – Follow the KISS rule, where KISS stands for ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’. Lack of clutter in signage ensures that people read the information and details as intended by the business owner.

  1. Add a border & select the right background color.

Depending on the kind of advertising sign, you may want to add a border, which increase the reading speed and adds more dimension. The choice of background color depends on many aspects, but you can either choose to be generic, go for complete contrast. For instance, you may have seen advertising signs that have black font on yellow background. It depends on your brand logo and offerings too. On the other hand, sometimes contrast doesn’t work as intended. For instance, white font on red doesn’t really play well in most designs.

Ordering advertising signs

There are many signage companies that can help you design advertising signs and create product layouts that stand out of the league. You can also place an order online to get a better price on the product. It is best to think of signage as an investment, because just like an ad on YouTube, advertising signs also represent your business, and a professional approach is always necessary.