How to Start Designing Your Product Package?

All kind of products need suitable packaging, so that it can be safely delivered to the customer. Designing of product packaging will refer to creation of exterior of any product.

Therefore, during conception and creation of the ideal box format, you need to include a choice of material, its form and also graphics, colors as well as fonts to be used on wrapping.

Before you start designing your product package, you need to find answers for the following few questions:

  1. What is your product?
  2. Who are going to buy your product?
  3. How people are buying your product?

By answering all the above questions, you can list out all your needs, as far as designing your product packaging is concerned. Let us list out few of them so that you can get food for thought, for designing your product package.

  • What will you look for brand promotion?

People always try to use their product packaging for promoting their brand name and also about their products. Therefore, following are few things that you need to consider.

  • Colours of the letters used on the packaging for printing based on your choice and requirement.
  • Fonts to be used for the letters so that it can be easily readable.
  • Logo of the company must be printed so that it is easily visible.

  • What are the contents of the package?

Depending upon the type of your product, you may need to enclose few additional things along with the item. Following are few things that are often included along with the product.

  • Written copy with a description and instruction for using the product required for the users
  • Photos are also needed for certain parts of the product based on the product
  • Barcode marks needed as per the industry requirement
  • Any other additional information that may be needed depending upon the specialty and uniqueness of the product.
  • What will be your style?

You will need to do little research to decide the style of your packaging during the design process, so that your product becomes more visible in the market.

There is combination of things that you have to consider based on your product type and the niche market.

  • What is your budget?

Budget is also another important thing to consider. First will be one-time cost that you may have to invest for designing your packaging.

In addition to that, you also need to consider about labour and material cost that are needed for the design.