How Using Cloud Identity Keeps the Business Safe and Secure?

Cloud identity lets businesses to manage their customers and users better. It is identity service and identity access management both integrated in a cloud computing environment. With the thriving nature of digital transformation and many identity assets being transferred to the cloud, it is important to protect both business and the customer. With the help of cloud identity management, businesses can make sure that the customers transactions are secure and don’t hamper with the business operations. Also nowadays where it is hard to tell a real person from a bot, companies need a way to differentiate legal transactions from spam, malware or trolls. In the digital era, it is important to know who is dealing with you and for the same you need to have a digital relationship. And this is where identity comes to the rescue.

Not everyone needs to know your name

When doing business digitally with your customers, the business may be conducted on different websites, login options, departments or entities in the same company. There was a time where the customers weren’t recognized the same person in the business and some companies don’t need customer identities too. There was still a login option but that is inconvenient for both business and customers. This is why you need cloud identity so that the companies can choose identifiers that make it easy for customer recognition.

When it comes to customer service offerings, businesses can reach targeted marketing campaigns so that customers aren’t overwhelmed with irrelevant information. It also gives more control over the info. With the help of cloud identity, a customer can tell the company what they want to do and not what want to do when it comes to handling their personal data.

Customer data all over the place

Because of digital transformation in businesses, consumer data is dispersed everywhere particularly if consumers interact with various websites and departments. GDPR has been a headache here as customers want their data to be deleted. But this takes weeks to process. Under a few privacy laws, it is more about telling them where the data is and how the companies are using it which is very difficult to determine. When a customer wants their data deleted, company cannot find their identity but they can also relay on how the info is used. This comes in handy for companies with M&A

No matter how famous the company is, we don’t know how the new companies handle data, this is why cloud identity protects sensitive info as the company secures it well. IAM in the cloud goes beyond privacy and helps you recognize fake info. It also enhances a company stature on verifying the credentials. It allows businesses to consolidate that very info in a system that deems every customer as a unique individual.