Different Kinds of Logging Machines Used by Foresters

For timber harvesting operations in forest many different machines are used which are meant to do the following things –

  • Logging operation
  • Forest road construction
  • Forest management activities
  • Fuel treatment

All these logging machines can be grouped into 4 categories, based on the forestry function like:

  • Logging
  • Road
  • Landing
  • Other service

Following are different equipment that are used as remorque a bois which in English is called wood or timber loading trailer.

  1. Logging machines

These kinds of logging machines are kind of heavy equipment which are used for moving logs and trees from stump to roadside log landing used in the forestry.

  1. Forwarder

It is capable of carrying short and smaller logs from stump to any roadside landing. Here the operator will use your loader for loading the logs onto forwarder bunk, in order to off-load all the logs at roadside.

Also, it can load logs on any log trucks.

  • Harvester-processor

Harvester processors are meant for dealing with small-tree and also used as:

  • Short-log cutter
  • Cutting and falling small trees in certain controlled direction
  • Delimbing and cutting tree into logs
  • Automated cutting head
  • Computer controlled and optimized cutting the logs

This processor can work on any moderately steep slopes. This machine is also suited for thinning purpose.

  • Feller-buncher

This kind of machine used for following purposes:

  • For felling trees
  • For tracking machine cuts
  • Allows tree falling in controlled direction
  • Places trees onto the piles

It can work on any moderately steep slopes.

  • Small wheel feller-buncher

This kind of small tree faller is a wheeled tractor-sized machine, which is used for cutting and falling small trees in a controlled direction and placing trees onto piles. This machine is also suited for thinning purpose on a gentle terrain.

  • Wheeled feller-buncher

This is another tree faller with wheeled machine cuts. It will allow trees to fall in controlled direction and help in placing trees onto piles. It can work on any gentle slopes.

  • Mulcher/masticator

This small tracked machine has got mulching attachment that can grind thick forest brush, limbs, and also tree tops into a woody mulch.

It can reduce fire hazard, improve habitat or prepare for reforestation. Mulcher are available in different configurations and sizes. They can be tracked, wheeled, and also front or boom-mounted.

  • Small wheel feller-buncher

Another kind of small tree faller which has machine cuts of wheeled tractor-sized that can fall small sized trees in a controlled direction and can place trees onto piles.