Comparing Commercial Window Cleaning Services In Fife: A Quick Guide!

Business owners & premise managers often have a hard time finding commercial cleaning services. Exterior window cleaning is not one of the typical daily jobs, but it is always better to have a reliable service handy for immediate and regular needs. There are many companies that specialize in window cleaning Fife, and in this post, we are discussing some of the relevant aspects that need attention when you compare these options.

  1. Find a local, insured and known service

You need a local company that either operates from Fife, or has extensive services in the area. Keep in mind that window cleaning must be scheduled periodically, so they should be able to come when you need them, without delays. Secondly, reputation does matter for comparing commercial cleaners and similar services. Check what other clients have to say about the company online, check testimonials, and if required, ask for references.

Insurance is an aspect that clients often ignore. Exterior window cleaning using the traditional method of ladders can be risky, and workplace accidents in this industry are very common. Select a company that will show their insurance policy and accreditations.

  1. Get an estimate, but don’t hunt for cheap quotes

Commercial window cleaning companies in Fife and surrounding areas will offer estimates in advance, but it depends on many factors. From the height of the windows, to the number of facades and windows being cleaned (often in terms of surface area) and cleaning methods, everything plays a role in the price. Nevertheless, get an estimate in advance. Just because a company is charging the highest price doesn’t mean they are the best, nor it’s wise to select a service that’s cutting corners to offer an insanely low quote.

Also, if you are interested in getting periodic cleaning once in a month, or every few weeks, look for a company that can work on contractual basis.

  1. Think of safety

Many companies in the UK are now using advanced cleaning methods, such as Reach & Wash systems, to reduce workplace risks. You may want to know if their workers and operatives are trained, bonded and insured. Also, check if they take extra steps and precautions to prevent incidents, and whether they have liability insurance.

Clean windows and facades make a solid impression. If the window cleaning service can handle tasks like power washing and removal of graffiti, it is always an advantage for commercial property managers.