Are You Aware of Different Types of Packaging?

In the time of e-commerce, the packaging plays an important role to deliver the items to their customers. As a matter of fact, people size up the item inside the package just by looking at the quality of the package itself.

Let us see few different kinds of Belley boxes and packaging that are commonly used for shipping and transporting purpose.

Following are few different types of packaging used for shipping various items:

  • Crates

For the purpose of shipping crates and pallets are often used for safe transportation and also lift them from off the surface for avoiding any damage.

  • Vacuum packaging

For any sealed products vacuum packaging is really a great idea particularly for food products. This packaging will eliminate yeast and bacteria and help in keeping food fresh.

  • Shrink wrap

You can wrap shrink wrap around the actual product and help in holding them together to enable them for easy movement and also can protect against punctures, impacts and abrasions.

  • Shock mount packaging

Shock mount packaging will be suitable for fragile items, as it contains few built-in shock absorptions for protecting the contents. Also, it can guard all products against vibrations, moisture, humidity and dust.

  • Corrugated cardboard box

Corrugated cardboard boxes are usually used for packing and carrying heavy items like electronics, appliances, fruit, vegetables and wine etc. Besides that, wholesalers use these corrugated boxes for packaging bulk products.

  • Paper board cartons

This type of paper/cartons boxes are usually used for packing single products like shoes, toys, crackers or breakfast cereal. They are not as strong like corrugated box, but are more lightweight and also accessible.

  • Paper bags

These paper bags are mostly used for packing your groceries at any local supermarket, take-away foods from a restaurant, carrying flour or cement etc. These bags are quite versatile and help us to save money too.

  • Plastic/polythene bags

One of the cheapest packaging materials available and fairly functional and durable and are usually used for carrying food, flowers, plants and newspapers packaging. They are more commonly used by retail shopkeepers or small-scale businesses.

  • Bottle packaging

Bottle packaging is mostly used for cosmetics, medicine and few other liquid products. All these bottles are quite functional and affordable. Besides that, they can be space-efficient which means they will help in saving space on our shelves.

  • Plastic box

Plastic packages can be agents for advertisement in addition to protecting and covering products. Such plastic boxes are used for items like toys, candles and products from any other industries too.