Three Tips to Keep in Mind Planning and Implementing a Parking Lot Construction Project

Whether you are planning a modest road construction project or a large-scale project such as highway construction, you will require significant resources in terms of money and time finance the project. This makes it important to carefully plan and implement this kind of project.

Constructing a parking lot is one of the most common road construction projects. The majority of residential construction clients opt for a driveway or garage over a parking lot. However, if you own a commercial or industrial business, it is imperative to install a sizable and reliable transportation facility and parking lot where your customers and employees will park their vehicles. Your facility must conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines that include designating parking spaces for the physically disabled and proper marking of fire lanes. When planning and implementing a parking lot construction project, here are some tips to help you:

Hire a Dependable Contractor

Ensure you work with a local contractor who has the licenses necessary to practice in your state and how understands the local building codes and regulations. Doing a background check is necessary to ascertain a contractor’s industry reputation. Consider reading reviews from previous customers. You can find these when you visit review websites such as Google and Yelp. Ensure you choose a contractor that has completed a parking lot construction project before.

Plan and Budget Accordingly

Your plan should include the budget you can allocate for the project. This will make sure all required resources and manpower are available from start to finish. Also, having a budget will help you when trying to negotiate the construction cost with your chosen contractor. When budgeting, include the cost of labor, material, and other miscellaneous expenses that could be incurred during construction.

Consider Efficiency

Efficiency refers to the shape of the structures and the square footage per parking stall. Most business owners build a uniform rectangular parking structure since it is the easiest to construct and enables efficient drive isles, parking stall sizing, and turning radii. This kind of structure has straight edges that are easy to build and help maximize the spaces and drive isles. Keep in mind that the size per stall can dictate the number of vehicles per level and the kind of structure. Also, this can affect your overall budget. In addition, a unique shape is harder to construct and layout parking stalls in. Thus, you can expect the structure to be more expensive.