Self Service Employee Products are the Wave of the Future

Finding the right software for employee self service, or ESS, is not as hard as you think. The thing is, the software has been around long enough for it to be perfected and therefore it is so much more convenient than it was just a few years ago. The right employee self service software makes life easier for the business, the HR and payroll departments, and of course, for the employees themselves. In business, time equals money, and good ESS software can save on both of these things. In more ways than one, the software makes life easier for a lot of people.

Why Choose ESS Software?

There are numerous advantages of good ESS software, and they include the following:

  • Employees can check schedules, request time off, and send emails to supervisors
  • Administrative duties are reduced and efficiency is increased
  • It is a great tool for improving employee engagement
  • It results in more accurate information on employees
  • Information and data are more secure because there is much less paperwork
  • It is a “green” solution and much more eco-friendly because it’s digital
  • All personnel can take virtual classes through the system

If you think about all of the things both employees and HR personnel had to do by hand at one time, it’s easy to understand how a good ESS software package can greatly simplify things and save both time and money.

It has been proven that most HR departments spend more than 70% of their time doing administrative tasks, and while these tasks are important, it can save a lot of time if they are available through a software package. Employees feel more in control because they are able to make changes to their contact information, etc., without going through HR. The HR employees save time and can therefore concentrate on other tasks – tasks that can help the business stay up to date with compliance issues and which help grow the business so everything is easier on management.

Can ESS Software Improve Employee Morale?

Many businesses notice an improvement in employee morale after purchasing ESS software, mostly because employees feel more control over their job. If they can do things themselves, such as keep their contact information up to date and keep track of their PTO, it is much easier for them to stay motivated. Self service is definitely the way for your business to grow and thrive. In short, it gets things done quicker and more efficiently, which is what all businesses want.