Slip Sheets: Everything You Need to Know

Slip sheets are a common tool used in logistics and warehouses to move products from one location to another. These sheets can be plastic or just pieces of cardboard that have been folded into different sizes depending on the item being transported.

When you think of a slip sheet, some questions might come up, such as: What is it? How does it work? What are the benefits? Let’s go through each of these questions and provide some insight into how Slip sheets work.

Slip sheets are large, flat panels of corrugated cardboard. They are used for many purposes in the workplace to protect items from dirt or scratches during shipping transport, storage, and handling. Industrial manufacturers often use slip sheets as a cost-effective way to ship products that aren’t fragile but need protection when being moved around their facilities or while in storage.

Slip sheets are extremely versatile and can be made to fit several different products, including:

– Large parts (e.g., crates)

– Sheet metal components (e.g., steel plates)

– Paper rolls or reams of paper for printing presses or copiers (e.g., paper rolls)

– Large equipment (e.g., air conditioners, machines in factories).

Wrap slip sheets around larger items to protect them from scrapes or dents while being moved around a warehouse or during shipping. Slip the sheet under heavy objects to move them without scratching floors and walls as you push it along with your feet (get a dolly to move larger items).